Common Ground for Justin Bieber and the American Left

Justin Bieber has just graced us with his opinion on healthcare.  Regarding US healthcare policy, he has said, "You guys are evil.  Canada is the best country in the world... we go to the doctor, and we don't have to worry about paying him."Ah, the naivety and ignorance of youth.  I mean, that's what it is, right?  To think that it should just be natural to get something for nothing? Well, it's naiveté and ignorance, certainly.  But it's quite clear that these traits are not limited to the young.   Huge swathes of older Americans share his opinion, so youth is not the only catalyst for such erroneous thoughts.  So in light of Bieber's comment, maybe it's time to revisit why many of our own naïve and ignorant people agree with a naïve and ignorant kid like Justin Bieber.In America, advocates of government administrated healthcare generally believe in one or both of two basic premises.  One, they believe that evil...(Read Full Article)