Clarice's Pieces: Arianna for President

I see that Donald Trump (with how many wives and bankruptcies in his past?) appeared at the CPAC conference, hinting that he might run for President on the Republican ticket. With all due regard, I suggest he's the wrong person: We need Arianna Huffington, a woman whose fiscal wizardry and drive we will need after the almost-hero of Altgeld Gardens is voted out of office.I know, I know, many of you are saying that this is a crazy idea, that there are so many better possibilities but hear me out.This week the President's signal achievement, ObamaCare, took more hits, and the U.S. economy, with him at the helm, kept heading for the iceberg field while Arianna, already riding high on millions of cash, once again spun dross into gold, increasing her own portfolio by millions.  Here's the scorecard:For Obama--*The IMF just proposed that the US dollar no longer be the world's reserve currency;* It now appears that Obamacare will raise taxes by more than $500 billion‪ * Not only will...(Read Full Article)