Bill Kristol, Stand for Truth

Bill Kristol has opened the French doors of his ivory tower, stepped out and deigned to address the great unwashed conservative quarter.  High above the people and reality, he admonishes those on the right for not embracing the catastrophic events unfolding in the Middle East.In his opinion piece, Stand for Freedom, he dismisses or summarily denies the concrete facts on the ground.  Of course, we all want freedom.  Of course, we support voices yearning to be free.  We fought for and believed The Bush Doctrine, and still do.  But there is far more at work here, as evidenced by the fierce behind-the-scenes jockeying and arm-twisting by the on-the-ascent Muslim Brotherhood, an organization created after the fall of the Ottoman Empire for the purpose of restoring the rule of political Islam.The left-wing lemmings are eating up this discourse among us like maggots on dead flesh, but that is their only joy, so let them have it.  They are overjoyed to see one...(Read Full Article)