' ... without the pat-down'? Whoa, Mr. President!

Wait a minute, Mr. President.  Did we hear you correctly in your State of the Union address?  Did you really say your new high-speed trains would be "faster than flying...without the pat-down"?  Your administration is said to be quietly pushing back against public resistance to those intrusive TSA pat-downs.  We all remember the patriot hero John Tyner from last fall.  He's the Oceanside, California software engineer who said, "Don't touch my junk!"For you to make fun of those privacy concerns is particularly uncaring.  You are a privileged person who doesn't have to go through that gantlet every time he flies. It's rather like your put-down of Scott Brown in Massachusetts last January.  "Anyone can buy a truck," you said then, as you campaigned for sure loser Martha Coakley.  No, Mr. President, not everyone can buy a truck.  With your policies, some of us are still stuck driving ten- and  fifteen-year-old...(Read Full Article)