Why the Constitution is Better Than Marx

George Orwell said that the first duty of decent people was to say the obvious.  So here it is for today. The United States Constitution enshrines a far greater political philosophy than anything Karl Marx ever dreamed of in his totalitarian ideology. In 1787, the Constitution proclaimed a political philosophy that has led to greater well-being and happiness for more people over more centuries than anything Europe's totalitarians ever did.  But precisely because the Constitution limits the greed of the power-hungry, it is always under assault.  Every generation needs to understand that because human nature has not changed since 1800.  Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler are alive somewhere today, because greed for absolute power is part of human nature.  Look at the absolute dictators around the world; they are no different.  If we are not the brainwashed followers of a Napoleon or Hitler, it is only because our minds have not been dominated by some...(Read Full Article)