The Left Defends Its Advocate of Violence

Glenn Beck continues to suffer an onslaught of programmatic propaganda by progressives, who accuse him, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin's kitchen sink of inciting violence -- while at the same time assailing Beck for his exposing the true violation of Americans' lives and livelihoods by these neo-Marxists.Recently the right and the left are fighting over Marxist agitator Frances Fox Piven, who, in her old age, has been caught talking up violence to her callow trainees.  One jaw-dropping occurrence of her mouthing off came in 2004, at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  It was chronicled by Trevor Loudon last September in his New Zeal and in Gulag Bound, entitled, quite accurately, "Frances Fox Piven Advocating Violence."‘"A corroborative instance surfaced this January -- again in New Zeal, in Gulag Bound, and in other venues -- and was once again featured by Beck.  Loudon entitled his entry "Frances Fox Piven: The Tea Party is all...(Read Full Article)