The 40-Percent President: Obama's Cruise to Reelection

We're at the halfway mark of Barack Obama's first term as president.  I say "first term" because I'm confident that this isn't his last.  Conservatives will not want to hear this, but I've felt all along that Obama will be a two-term president, and nothing I've seen dispels that notion.My thinking is grounded primarily in two sets of data.The first is expressed in the title of this article: 40 percent.  President Barack Obama does not dip below 40-percent approval.  Period.Liberals called Ronald Reagan the Teflon President.  No matter what Reagan did, nothing undermined his presidency.  Well, Barack Obama is the 40-Percent President.  No matter what Obama does, nothing undermines his presidency -- or at least nothing drops it below 40-percent approval.Of course, Reagan achieved record approvals, which is how he was reelected by winning 49 states and taking the Electoral College 525-13.  I don't expect Obama to get anywhere near that;...(Read Full Article)