The 10 Biggest 'Non-Story' Stories of 2010

No doubt, 2010 was a historic year.  While it's not unusual for Big Media's undeniable bias to lead them to miss, if not intentionally ignore, certain stories, in terms of volume, 2010 seems to have offered a banner crop. Granted, no single story in 2010 compares to the biggie they missed in 2009: the ascendancy of the "Tea Party" movement.  After the better part of a year, the mainstream press finally caught up in 2010.  Oh, sure, they're still miscasting and criticizing the phenomenon, but they no longer deny its existence or impact.The delightful irony in Big Media's year-long exercise of ignoring and misrepresenting the Tea Party is that it ultimately served to grow and embolden the rebellious movement. Millions of people, for the first time in their lives, were directly participating in the story -- they were making the news.  While taking part in Tea Parties and town hall events, citizens were witnessing for themselves what took place, only to find...(Read Full Article)