State of the Obama 'Remaking America' Revolution

While we citizens are dutifully perched upon pins and needles, awaiting the president's next pep rally -- the SOTU -- we might as well use this time to consider the state of the Obama "Remaking America" revolution.   Calling to mind Obama's campaign pledge to fundamentally "transform" the United States of America, good citizens ought never forget that this remaking of America was and still is the goal of the Obama presidency.  By hook and by crook, whether through gargantuan bills passed against the will of the people with aid and abetment from bribes, kickbacks, and corporatist maneuvers, or through the bypassing of Congress with agency regulations, this president has both his mind and his heart set on making America into the "world as it should be" according to Barack Obama.  So how's that fundamental transformation going this year?  It's time to take stock again.Has Obama changed into a reasonable moderate?Supposedly, the...(Read Full Article)