Obama's Dangerous Export Initiative

President Barack H. Obama has announced his administration's commitment to advancing American exports -- to double America's exports by 2014.  Now, there's a daring position to take: advocating a goal easily supported by the entire country, regardless of politics or demographics.The question is how to advance exports.  The United States is already a huge exporter; ships and planes depart daily, fully laden with millions of dollars' worth of export cargo.  There could be more -- there can always be more -- but it's not like we're embarking on some great trip to the unknown.When John F. Kennedy called us to the goal of space travel, it had never been done before.  It was a quest, a path untraveled, even unexplored.  Similarly, when Ronald W. Reagan called us to the goal of rolling back communism -- not just to settle for détente, but to free other nations from the death-grip of dictatorial socialism -- it had never been done before.  Many believed it...(Read Full Article)