Obama 2.0: The Reinvention Begins

The year 2012 looms large in the mind of Barack Obama.  After two years of decline in the number of those who view his policies, his performance, and his personality favorably, Barack Obama has begun yet another process of reinvention on the road to reelection.Will he succeed in bamboozling voters once again?The policy shifts following the November shellacking the Democrats received from voters are clear.Foremost among these shifts to the center is the tax deal reached with the Republicans.  There will be others to come, as renewed attention is devoted to transforming the tax code itself to make it simpler and fairer.  There will be more feints to the center.Barack Obama will adapt even more, altering his image so he can again appeal to the great center of American voters: the jackpot that every candidate must win to enter the White House.  Will Obama be able to connect with voters, as every politician must, on a personal level?Conservatives should not count Obama...(Read Full Article)