King Abdicates

Congressman Peter King (R-NY) told Politico Tuesday that in his upcoming hearings on radicalization among American Muslims, he was "not planning to call as witnesses such Muslim community critics as the Investigative Project on Terrorism's Steve Emerson and Jihad Watch's Robert Spencer, who have large followings among conservatives but are viewed as antagonists by many Muslims."Based on this, it appears that this will be a show trial.  Between Emerson and Spencer, the whole of it is covered.  Emerson knows who all the players are and what groups and cells they are affiliated with.  He knows who everyone is and what he's doing.  For King to acquiesce in his marginalization is almost criminal.  In Spencer's case, it's just as bad.  Why wouldn't King discuss the texts and teachings of Islam that jihadists use to justify violence and make recruits? For King not to avail himself of Emerson's knowledge and Spencer's scholarship is an astounding case...(Read Full Article)