Justice: The Soul's Astonishment

Can your soul be astonished?  More to my point: Can our American souls be astonished?           Here are reflections directed to 2012 presidential candidates, notably those who still retain a values-based outlook on life and wonder how they can be elected or govern if, as Christians, they are accused of imposing their faith on a nation now being defined as "post-Christian."In all the blather about redistribution of wealth, fairness, and social justice, there lurks an underlying assumption about justice.  What justice are people talking about, and what should we be talking about? Are the rich obligated to help the poor?  Is redistribution moral?  Should one be compelled to work and provide for one's own?  Should private ownership of anything at all be abrogated? Or, to epitomize the matter along the lines of the early fascism of Benito Mussolini, must everything serve the interests of society, meaning...(Read Full Article)