Excuses, Excuses

On January 25, the president delivered his State of the Union address.  Speaking with vigor and aplomb, the president demonstrated once again that he can look serious, act like a president, and read the words that have been written for him.  But so far, he has not demonstrated his ability to be a president, create jobs, or do anything else. In his well-scripted address, Obama spoke of the "accomplishments" of his first two years in office.  Surprisingly, health care and financial regulation reform were not at the top of the list.  In fact, they were barely mentioned. Instead, the president boasted of "his" extension of the Bush tax cuts.  These are the same Bush tax cuts that the president consistently opposed extending until after his party's "shellacking" on Nov. 2. If the Bush tax cuts are a good thing for the economy, why not make them permanent instead of blocking that proposal?  If tax cuts are what it takes to spur...(Read Full Article)