Democrat Diversion Strategy Succeeds Again

The Democrats and the left have once again succeeded in their most well-worn, time-tested, and effective tactic: diversion.  For the past six days, the country has been watching the spectacle of the Republicans and those on the right defending themselves from absurd and trumped up accusations.  This strategy has been so successful over the years that the left and their allies in the media are now greatly emboldened.  They will literally create any accusation out of whole cloth in the assumption that the Republicans in Congress and on the national stage, as they have in the past, will cower in a corner and pledge their undying fealty to "civility."  Once the Republicans have done so, the Democrats and their allies have the upper hand.While this circus has been on the front pages, the need for this diversion is self-evident.  The news and future prospects for the country and the world economy continue to worsen. Global food prices have reached a...(Read Full Article)