Why They Call It Taxachusetts

Recently my wife and I spent a night in a Boston hotel that boasted rather lavish accommodations; we even got our own matching bathrobes.Admittedly, the guest services in general were more than satisfactory. My only complaint is that the lady at the cafeteria sold me two "Grande" coffees. I surmised upon inspecting the cup size that the term stood for the equivalent of a medium-sized drink. The problem was that the lady at the cafeteria filled the cups only halfway. So in essence, I bought two small coffees but paid the price of two medium (Grande)-size coffees. Never mind that the proper translation of "Grande" is "Big." Somehow a good third of this fiendish secretion upon which I depend daily to get my blood pumping was lost in the translation.In retrospect, this relatively minor but no less shady transaction should have alerted me to the other hidden pecuniary charges that I would incur unawares before vacating the premises. Allow me to explain.My...(Read Full Article)