Why America Needs Nuclear Arms

For the last half-century, doves in both major political parties have pursued disarmament without reciprocity.  America survived this disarmament in spite of the existence of strategic adversaries like China and the former Soviet Union, but only because America still posed a credible threat to these nations.America finessed its large arsenal of warheads into the ultimate strategic weapon.  After all, no nation knew exactly how many deliverable warheads America possessed, and every nation was sure that given proper provocation, America would consider a nuclear strike.  This "calculated ambiguity," as it was termed by defense insiders, enabled America to take the world into an age of unprecedented stability.  President Obama, admittedly uncomfortable with the idea of America as a superpower, would like to end this tradition, taking the nuclear option off the table by means of drastic reduction of nuclear weapons stockpiles below the practical point. ...(Read Full Article)