Understanding Homegrown Terrorism

The recent bomb plots out of Yemen shouldn't blur the big picture that nowadays, terrorists are mostly homegrown.  Their action fits into a new tactical shift that embraces attacks on Western countries conducted from within, by their own Muslim citizens, as it was announced by al-Qaeda's U.S.-born spokesman, Adam Gadahn. Unlike so-called "lone wolf" violence, which is generally conducted by isolated and disturbed individuals, homegrown terrorism is associated with an international organization.  In the case of al-Qaeda, in particular, homegrown terror can strike in the U.S. and other Western countries, unhindered by the logistical problems encountered when it needed to send in bombers from abroad, in addition to the clear advantage that homegrown terrorists have in identifying targets in their countries of residence.For Western countries, the new danger comes in with unprecedented challenges.  As an example, the FBI was rightly credited for its ability to make...(Read Full Article)