The Art of War and DADT

Hollywood is allowed to discriminate based on anything.  "Sorry, but you're too black."  "You're good, but you're too fat."  "I like you, but you aren't pretty enough."  Hollywood can pick whomever they want, for whatever reason and with no repercussions.  Discrimination for the sake of art. But the military, the people who protect the nation, can't choose whom they want now that gays got their win with the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  Now they can be openly gay.  What exactly is openly gay, anyway? Gays are individuals and not defined by their sexuality -- at least not the smart ones.  So there is a wide spectrum to being gay. When I think of being openly gay, I think about the black folks who say to me that I don't "act black."  Sure I do.  I am openly black, but being black doesn't define me.  Being American does, as does being human. I believe that most gays in the military couldn't...(Read Full Article)