The Arabs, Iran, and WikiLeaks

World leaders from Washington to Islamabad are increasingly engaged in a frantic attempt to contain the political damage of the WikiLeaks disclosures. The fact that many of the leaked cables expose U.S. foreign policy in a seemingly negative and contradictory light -- officials saying one thing in public and doing something entirely different in private -- has embarrassed an administration that has made multilateralism a key component of its grand strategy.But what is less clear, particularly in media coverage of the leaks, is what the new WikiLeaks documents say about the policies and behavior of foreign governments. Indeed, just as Julian Assange and his cohorts exposed controversies in the U.S. diplomatic establishment, the organization has also uncovered significant amounts of information on how foreign dignitaries view the world and conduct state business.  The Middle East, the region that many policymakers have been concentrating on for the past ten years, is particularly...(Read Full Article)