The Adolescent Left

As tempting as it is to view the machinations of the left in masterfully calculated Dr. Evil terms, today's progressive is better-understood as a ranting teenager, burdened with both a disordered view of freedom and typical adolescent entitlement issues.  It's not that today's lefty is unintelligent; in fact, many are very bright.  It's that he is emotionally underdeveloped.By disordered freedom, I mean the 1960s-influenced, "don't tell me what to do/I'll do whatever the hell I want to do" kind of freedom.  Pope John Paul II summarized the flaw in such a stunted and animalistic view of our potential when he explained that "[f]reedom is not a matter of doing what we like, but rather of having the right to do what we ought."Theologian Servais Pinckaers elaborates further with the example of a novice piano student.  Unless that piano student submits himself to the rigors of study and practice, against which he could certainly rebel at any time,...(Read Full Article)