Stopping Obama: A Republican Game Plan

Barack Obama may have had a licking, but he keeps on ticking.  How will the new Congress deal with a president who is relentless in his agenda to create a transformed America?Barack Obama faces new challenges when the new Congress takes power on January 5.  The House has turned red with a solid majority of 242 Republicans to 193 Democrats; the Senate is less blue, and most of the senators facing elections in 2012 are Democrats who hail from states that voted for Republicans in 2010.  But people who fall for Obama's feints to the center (such as the faux pay freeze for federal employees or the tax deal he was forced into by Republican victories in November) have no one to blame but themselves. Who says so?  Barack Obama, through his rhetoric and actions over the last two years.  Lest we forget, when he was forced to swallow the tax bill, he showed his true nature, lashing out at Republicans and saying that he was "itching for a fight on a wide range of...(Read Full Article)