NOAA's Catch Shares Fisheries Debacle

Barrack Obama came to office with an agenda to fundamentally change America.  An element of his agenda is a plan, known as catch shares, to restructure the nation's fishing industry.  The author of his plan is Dr. Jane Lubchenco, the environmentalist rock star and former vice chairperson of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).  When it comes to the oceans, the protection of fish, and the punishment of the evil fishermen, Dr. Lubchenco is as extreme as Obama's former green jobs czar, Van Jones.Obama, with no managerial experience himself, didn't simply make Dr. Lubchenco one of his numerous czars -- he anointed her as the head of NOAA despite her own complementary lack of managerial experience.  Effectively, Obama has given the EDF control of the $4-billion, 13,000-person government agency that oversees the national fisheries.  The EDF wrote the 184-page playbook titled "Catch Shares Design Manual" for the plan that Dr. Lubchenco passed on to...(Read Full Article)