Nancy Pelosi: A Ruler of Fools

Nancy Pelosi doesn't have much longer as Speaker of the House.  But if there's one constant in our ever-changing world, it's that Pelosi will remain unconscionable until the gavel is wrested from her hand.  During a recent speech on the House floor, she expressed opinions about unemployment insurance and tax policy that seem irrational even for her.Pelosi supports extending unemployment insurance beyond the current 99-week limit.  To substantiate her position, she touted unemployment benefits as a burgeoning economic catalyst.  All we need do is and tap into their power.  Pelosi informed Congress that "[u]nemployment insurance ... returns two dollars for every one dollar that is put out there."A two-dollar return for every one invested is a lofty promise.  No financial advisor would make such a guarantee, especially in these days of stagnant stocks, miniscule interest rates, and sunken real estate values.  Not even a gold-plated, platinum...(Read Full Article)