Lloyd Marcus' Top Ten Tea Party Patriots of the Year

One of the TV networks aired its America's Ten Most Fascinating People of the Year Special. Kim Kardashian was one of the people selected. Nothing against this young lady, but what has Kim Kardashian done, other than being Kim Kardashian, to be bestowed the high honor of a place on the list of ten most fascinating individuals in the country?I remember the old days when fame did not come so cheaply; one had to achieve something unique. I have decided to offer my "Top Ten Most Fascinating Tea Party Individuals/Groups of the Year." Number ten on my list are first-time candidates. Folks, do you have any idea the courage it took for these concerned citizens to step into the political arena? Talk about the Christians vs. the lions; the ruling class elites and their liberal media minions attempted to, without mercy, eat our first-time Tea Party candidates alive. Remarkably, several Tea Party candidates rose victorious. Kudos to these brave "true patriot" souls.Number...(Read Full Article)