Lloyd Marcus' Top Ten Tea Party Patriots of the Year

One of the TV networks aired its America's Ten Most Fascinating People of the Year Special. Kim Kardashian was one of the people selected. Nothing against this young lady, but what has Kim Kardashian done, other than being Kim Kardashian, to be bestowed the high honor of a place on the list of ten most fascinating individuals in the country?

I remember the old days when fame did not come so cheaply; one had to achieve something unique. I have decided to offer my "Top Ten Most Fascinating Tea Party Individuals/Groups of the Year."

Number ten on my list are first-time candidates. Folks, do you have any idea the courage it took for these concerned citizens to step into the political arena? Talk about the Christians vs. the lions; the ruling class elites and their liberal media minions attempted to, without mercy, eat our first-time Tea Party candidates alive. Remarkably, several Tea Party candidates rose victorious. Kudos to these brave "true patriot" souls.

Number nine, the more than thirty black GOP candidates who ran for Congress in 2010 -- the most since Reconstruction. In large, blacks, white liberals, and the liberal media view Republican blacks as Uncle Toms. They believe blacks who love their country, do not resent white America and do not view themselves as victims are simply suffering from "Stockholm Syndrome." I'm known for wearing my trademark hat. So I give a "Lloyd Hat" salute to my courageous fellow black patriots who ran on the GOP ticket, choosing principles above skin color.

Number eight: Sharron Angle, who ran for the U.S. Senate in Nevada against the all-powerful Harry "Darth Vader" Reid and his Evil Empire. I met Sharron Angle early in her campaign. Two things about Angle struck me as refreshing and uniquely different from most politicians. One: Angle was bold and open about who she was -- a Christian and a conservative. Two: Angle's genuine love for her state. I even teased her a little, which Angle did not seem to find particularly funny. I said (opening my mouth and inserting my foot), "Wow, you seem to know every boring fact about Nevada."

Against all odds, remarkably, Sharron Angle almost defeated "Lord Vader" Reid. I still find it difficult to believe that Nevada voters reelected Reid despite epidemic unemployment and home foreclosures amongst the highest in the country. As my mom used to say, "There's something rotten in Denmark (Nevada)."

Number seven: conservative musicians: "Tea Are The World." Conservative musicians across America gathered in Florida and recorded the song "Taking Back America." The song is featured on the "Tea Are The world" CD project along with forty other songs selected from hundreds of submissions by conservative bands and singers/songwriters. All genres are included. "Tea Are The World" is historic; it encourages and inspires listeners via its infectious unity. Proceeds benefit AmericasMightyWarriors.org, a nonprofit which supports the families of U.S. fallen soldiers.

Number six: Glenn Beck. Other than on Christian TV, political correctness has banned God from the public square. Offenders are punished, accused of being fanatics and intolerant. I give Brother Beck a "Lloyd Hat" for being a "secular" radio/TV talk show host who is bold and unapologetic about proclaiming his faith. Beck has repealed the ban of positive talk about God in the public square.

Number Five: Sarah Palin. I love the cojones of this woman. Palin is a proud, bold, and confident advocate for conservatism. She is a character- and principle-driven self-thinker. Palin refuses to be lectured regarding what is acceptable behavior for a woman and/or presidential candidate. I love Palin's "in your face" attitude in expressing We The People's disagreement with Obama's plan to "fundamentally transform America." It seems like only our conservative women have a "fire in the belly" to stand up for America. Here's a "Lloyd Hat" to Sarah Palin and all of my feisty conservative sisters.

Number four: the first national black conservative press conference attendees. The NAACP launched a despicable campaign against the Tea Party Movement, attempting to brand it as racist. The NAACP's attack sparked a historic gathering of black conservatives to defend the Tea Party Movement. The first national black conservative press conference was held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. and hosted by Tea Party Express. White America's response to the press conference was extremely emotional. Many expressed how refreshing and unique it was to see blacks who were proud Americans without resentment. Black conservatives are vilified, so "Lloyd Hats" to my fellow black conservative patriots who shared their stories at the press conference.

Number three: Rush Limbaugh. No one has been a more powerful and consistent defender of conservatism and the Tea Party Movement than radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. Case in point: in the Delaware U.S. Senate race, the GOP implored us Tea Party folks to "be reasonable," sacrifice conservative principles, and support their RINO who could easily win the seat. Rush sided with We The People and backed our conservative Tea Party candidate, Christine O'Donnell. Rush "gets it." Rush, you the man! A big "Lloyd Hat" to ya, pal.

Number two: Herman Cain -- entrepreneur, black conservative radio talk show host, and extremely popular Tea Party speaker. Blacks such as Cain are hated by the left. His inspiring, successful life story threatens to shatter the left's paradigm that America sucks for minorities. Cain is considering a run for the Oval office in 2012, sure to win millions of white Tea Party patriot votes. White voter support for Cain will further crush the liberal media's and the left's lie that the Tea Party Movement is really about white racists against a black president.

And number one on my list of the Top Ten Most Fascinating Tea Party Individuals/Groups of the Year: Tea Party Express. Tea Party Express is the undisputed "troops on the ground" voice of "We The People." TPX has toured America four times -- championing conservatism and uplifting and inspiring millions of patriots to continue fighting to take back America from an overreaching, tyrannous Obama administration. With a physical presence and financial support, TPX campaigned for conservative candidates in several races, including in New York, Alaska, Delaware, and Nevada. Boldly flying where only eagles dare, TPX has maintained a laser focus on getting conservatives elected. A voter told me, "Whoever TPX says to support, I support." What a great testimony to the leadership and character of TPX (TeaPartyExpress.org).

A common thread which joins the superstar patriots on my list is the true essence of the American spirit -- character and backbone. These confirm that American exceptionalism is alive and well in the Tea Party Movement.

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