Clarice's Pieces: Kentucky McConnell and the Temple of Pork

I was really happy when I read in the Washington Post that soon-to-be demoted to Minority Leader of the House Nancy Pelosi has turned to director Steven Spielberg to "rebrand" the House Democrats.The story offered me a way out of my quandary -- what to title this column today.  The Tea Party and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, The Sugardaddy Express, Pelosi Park.  Anyway, just as I selected the present title, the NY Daily News said the Spielberg story was false.  I suppose after fawning all over Castro and making a video montage for Kerry, Spielberg's decided to limit his creative political work to  raising money and endorsing checks. But I'm keeping the title anyway because it reflects my respect to the fantastic job Mitch McConnell did in the lame duck session of the Senate.  I know some conservatives have been apoplectic that he was unable to turn back all of Obama's initiatives.  Some are furious about the passage of DADT's repeal and New...(Read Full Article)