Hanukah in Poland

President Komorowski of Poland met with Jews in the Belvedere Palace, the Polish "White House," to light a menorah candle and celebrate Hanukah with the Jewish community.  Poland has proven a land of resilient faith.  The Catholics of Poland during the Cold War, alone among Communist nations, had crucifixes in state schools.  Komorowski was a political prisoner in Communist Poland and was beaten by the police as a student.  He is a Catholic who has been a seminary teacher.  President Komorowski, in lighting a candle on the menorah at Hanukah, is continuing a tradition created by his predecessor, who died a few months ago in an awful airline crash.Jews and Catholics in Poland suffered almost unimaginable torments from 1939 to 1989.  The Second World War began when Hitler and Stalin divided Poland.  Nazis crammed the large Jewish population of western Poland into a number of ghettos.  At the same time, the Soviets crammed 2 million...(Read Full Article)