Elena Kagan's First Vote Was Both Baffling and Predictable

Once Elena Kagan was confirmed to the Supreme Court, it was certain that she would, at some point, cast a vote or render an opinion.  It sort of goes with the territory.  Of near equal certainty was that her initial ruling would embody everything objectionable and inexplicable about the Supreme Court, judges, lawyers, and the legal system in general.  Well, Justice Kagan has cast that first vote, and to little fanfare, I might add.  In so doing, she justified my confidence in her ability to baffle.Granted, Kagan's first decision wasn't a thorough legal dissertation.  It was simply a recorded vote in support of a losing opinion.  However, she did confirm what conservatives expected.  She voted to stay the execution of a convicted murderer, uphold a Ninth Circuit Court decision, and support a lower judge's ruling that questioned the safety of a lethal injection drug.For a known Regressive jurist to coddle convicted murderers and side with the...(Read Full Article)