Early Obama Poem Shows Davis's Hand

Many thanks to my correspondent, "Mr. Southwest," for surfacing an early and revealing Obama poem that I had heretofore not seen.  The unnamed poem, which I will call "Forgotten," was unearthed for a lengthy March 2008 article in Vanity Fair by the magazine's national editor, Todd Purdum.  It reads as follows:I saw an old, forgotten manOn an old, forgotten road.Staggering and numb under the glare of theSpotlight. His eyes, so dull and grey,Slide from right to left, to right,Looking for his life, misplaced in aShallow, muddy gutter long ago.I am found, instead.Seeking a hiding place, the night seals us together.A transient spark lights his face, and in my honor,He pulls out forgotten dignity from under his flaking coat,And walks a straight line along the crooked world.When Purdum mentioned the poem to Obama in 2008, Obama told Purdum he had no memory of it.  (By contrast, I can still recite the poem that won a class contest when I was a freshman in...(Read Full Article)