Criminalization of Politics and the Scourge of Tom DeLay

I cannot help but notice the overwhelming silence from the GOP on the matter of ex-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's prosecution and trial. Ever since he was forced to step down back in 2005, he has been in a kind of limbo or worse. Two things stand out to me:He was extremely focused and effective in his efforts -- none of which benefited him personally but which benefited his party and his state immensely.His success has earned him the abandonment of his party's members. No one says a peep about him. He may as well have dropped off the face of the earth and into purgatory.I have to wonder: Is this what party loyalty brings? If so, then why would anybody in his right mind want to make the effort for the Republican Party? Has the GOP become the party of second-class, unprotected "outcastes"? "Citizen" isn't really a term that fits for a group whose inclusion in society depends upon their not criticizing (yea, not even questioning) their betters -- those in the...(Read Full Article)