Britain's Left Are Panicking

London's descent into anarchy over a rise in university tuition fees shows just how deeply the entire leftist enterprise relies on their takeover of the university system.Ignore the apologists wringing their hands and claiming that last week's riots were not riots, but healthy protests that were signs of a "vibrant democracy" and "an engaged youth."  London has been held hostage to the tyranny of anarchist and socialist rioters for the past two weeks, and the situation shows no sign of letting up.  These came to a head last Thursday when London descended into anarchy, the royal family were attacked and threatened with death, police officers were injured and nearly killed, and enormous amounts of damage were done to the city.That these riots took place over legislation that will raise the cap on university fees from $5,192 to $9,470 ($14,200 in exceptional circumstances) a year will seem bizarre to many Americans, where students pay significantly...(Read Full Article)