You Can Touch My Junk, but Nothing Else

Now that "Don't touch my junk!" has become a rallying cry, I must ask a question: What's with this youth-culture tendency to refer to male genitalia as "junk"? Since I keep my nose to the ground, I noticed this slang innovation long before John Tyner drew his line in the sand; it seems to be a phenomenon of the last five years or so. And it's one I'd like to put on the junk heap.If I have any junk, it won't be on my body, and it will probably end up in the trash bin. And if the TSA wants to rummage through it, hey, be my guest. It's said that you can tell a lot about a person by examining his refuse. So you can touch my junk -- but let's be a bit more careful when we lay our hands on the language, shall we?When complaining about this, I must admit I'm a little self-conscious. I really don't want to sound like the über-sensitive professional complainers who say that the term "black hole" (density-approaching-infinity-so-not-even-light-can-escape-it...(Read Full Article)