Tsunami: Could Be 100 House Seats (and Maybe the Senate)

Not only do I remember where I was when I found out Scott Brown had won -- I remember exactly what I thought: that the GOP would win 100 seats in the 2010 midterms. I still think that is very possible.And keep in mind, the difference between 75 seats and a hundred seats could be a mere vapor of a half-percent of the raw vote. The point is, this beat-down will be bigger than the pundit class is predicting.After all, Brown not only won the Massachusetts Senate election statewide, but he also carried Barney Frank's congressional district. This was even more stunning than the fact that he had taken the statewide election -- and is the kind of info that sends folks like Michael Barone shuffling back through their notes to make sure there is not a typo somewhere.This stuff happens only when an electoral tsunami is on the horizon. It was on the horizon then and is still barreling towards us.Brown, in his acceptance speech, said that if "it can happen here, it can happen anywhere."...(Read Full Article)