The War Plan for 2012

"It's good for Obama in 2012." That's what we've been hearing from media commentators concerning his well-earned electoral thrashing. The retiring Democrat panjandrum Evan Bayh is only the latest to express this as the inevitable result of this week's bloodbath. (Which explains why he's retiring two years early.) Let the GOP get in, watch them screw things up, and Obama will be a shoo-in for 2012. This, of course, is stark wishful thinking, born out of the belief that 2010 is merely normal politics and then some. It is no such thing. It is not a setback; it is not a disaster. It is a cataclysm. Looking beyond D.C., Republicans now control thirty statehouses and a majority of state legislatures. For perhaps the first time since the 19th century, most of the country's legislators are now Republican. It's not simply that the game has changed, but that the goalposts have been moved and the stadium opened up and extended in all directions. But the thing is, the Dems do have a...(Read Full Article)