The Top Ten Reasons Why Conservatives Should Not Be Celebrating the Election Results

On November 2, 2010, the liberals suffered a defeat at the hands of the people over their policies implemented over the last two to four years. As a result, Many Republicans and Tea Party supporters are jubilant in their celebration, and even the often morose Glenn Beck has been heard to be excited about what he calls a turning point. However, the cold, hard reality is that liberalism suffered a defeat but not a crushing one, and the war is far from won. In the past, victories in these minor skirmishes have resulted in people becoming complacent. The battles that are not making the headlines in the war on freedom continue to rage despite the victory. Although it may not be festive to rain on the victory parade, it is important that we consider the top ten reasons why there is a lot more work to be done.10) The aristocracy is still there in Washington. Although many incumbents were swept out of office, the vast number of them were reelected by their constituents. The ruling elite is...(Read Full Article)