The House Should Curb Obama's Extravagant Lifestyle

Pundits, political analysts, and politicians on both sides of the aisle have offered their recommendation for items which should be placed at the top of the 112th Congress's legislative agenda. Surprisingly, in light of the negative press the Obamas have received relating to their recent junket to India, so far as I have seen, not one person has suggested including legislation limiting the amount of taxpayer funds that may be expended on presidential trips -- official or otherwise -- and the White House party budget. Like all government agencies, the White House operates on the basis of appropriations that originate in the House of Representatives, and it is incumbent on the House to exercise its responsibilities in guarding the taxpayers' money. The beauty of our governing system of checks and balances is that presidential overreach can be curtailed by Congress. To borrow the president's own analogy, the voters decided to ditch Obama's drive to take the country on the road to the...(Read Full Article)