The EPA's 'Climate Change' Tyranny

In post-Climategate America, people are beginning to appreciate the magnitude of scientific and political trickery that spawned the global warming scare. With the hoax exposed, backdoor methods are being used to control Americans' lives using "climate change" doctrine. Warmists no longer look to the shock and awe of cap and trade. They'll use the EPA.Implementing destructive policies comes naturally to a president and Congress that forced governmental health care and financial-sector takeovers on the American people. But the president hasn't deployed the third weapon in his prosperity-killing arsenal: energy policy "reform." Obama's behavior so far suggests that he wouldn't hesitate to destroy the economy to force America to "go green." With cap and trade dead, totalitarian regulation is Obama's best chance to jam greenness down Americans' throats.Renewable Electricity Standards illustrate how junk-science-based environmental laws might be passed in the...(Read Full Article)