The Election's Done; What Now?

The statist ideology of Progressivism first shaped federal law in 1890 and has moved forward for 120 years, reshaping the states and cities along the way. Progressive education reshaped the public schools in the 1930s, proceeding since uninterrupted; it has produced generations of journalists who have evolved from professionals into political pimps for Progressivism. Progressive politicians of both parties have provided generations of Progressive judges. Governments at every level have fattened themselves with hordes of highly rewarded bureaucrats employed on Progressive programs while tax-funded nonprofits employing many more have sprouted. That's a large and very committed interest group.  Most of the U.S. electorate comfortably accepted it all as time passed until Obamacrat overreaching outraged its sensibilities, resulting in the Tea Parties. That awakening would likely not have happened but for the widespread unemployment accompanying the 2008 bank collapse. Tea Parties are...(Read Full Article)