Selective Democracy

The word "democracy" has its roots in ancient Greek. "Demo-" comes from the Greek word meaning "people," and "-cracy" comes from the Greek word for "ruling." It appears that certain politicians, appointed activist judges, and recalcitrant bureaucrats -- in short, the "ruling class" -- are in enthusiastic favor of the "-cracy" part of the word but seem to have a lot of trouble admitting that the "demo-" is where the real power and authority to govern actually resides. So they view elections and the democratic process selectively.Now that the midterm elections are over, at least that segment of the elections that involves ordinary citizens, we can see what might be called selective democracy in action.  Selective democracy is the result of an overabundance of a feeling of entitlement, frequently among the losing candidates. Lisa Murkowski in Alaska and Charlie Crist of Florida are this election cycle's...(Read Full Article)