Rubio for President

Republicans want a candidate in 2012 who is a solid conservative, who can win the election, and who can express conservative values in many ways. Sometimes the choice for conservatives is so clear that we miss it. After Reagan was elected governor of California in 1966, he was the obvious candidate for conservatives in the 1968 presidential election. Reagan campaigned effectively in a very diverse state and won easily. Reagan articulated the conservative message much better than most Republicans could.  There was only one knock on Reagan in 1968: he had held elective office for only two years. In retrospect, the failure of those conservatives who in 1964 captured the Republican Party to rally behind Reagan in 1968 was a terrible mistake. Reagan, as handsome and as articulate in 1968 as he was in 1980, would have beaten Humphrey in a landslide. That 13% of the electorate who voted in a protest for Wallace would have overwhelmingly gone for Reagan (as these voters did the first...(Read Full Article)