President Obama, It's Business, Not Personal

Years ago, as a freshly recruited manager in an international corporation's headquarters, I was offered this friendly advice from my co-workers: The day we were hired, an imaginary bullet was fired, and we would spend the rest of our careers attempting to outrun, outmaneuver, or transfer around the world to avoid it. I soon found that for many, frustration or exhaustion would eventually overcome, and they would leave, while some truly couldn't cut it and were fired. And frequently, a corporate reorganization, spurred by a restless board of directors and designed by pricey consultants, resulted in involuntary terminations from the top down.  With each new reorganization or management team would come plans for new marketing programs, cost efficiencies, and product improvements, accompanied by a shiny new Mission Statement, polished with feel-good phrases that fostered employee well-being and community service. Accounting reserves were recorded, the stock price was adjusted, revised...(Read Full Article)