President Bush's Challenge to Great Britain

George W. Bush's dramatic claim in Decision Points that British lives were saved by the use of waterboarding terrorist suspects cuts through the fog surrounding the issue of waterboarding.Anti-Bush sentiment, as well as a general anti-Americanism, is rife in Britain. For years we have been assured by a smug nationalized BBC, and various left-wing media outlets all too keen to giggle like schoolchildren at President Bush's speech, that the former president is nothing more than a simple cowboy who did only bad things such as invade countries just for oil, drown black people, and torture poor, innocent foreigners. Luckily, Americans have seen sense and elected someone as intellectual and sophisticated as President Obama.This narrative has taken a beating since early 2009, especially with the ardently anti-British policies of the Obama administration. As Obama is beginning to look less and less like someone who knows what he is doing and more like an anti-British academic with an...(Read Full Article)