Just Don't Fly: Where Might the TSA Take Us Next?

"Don't fly." That's Janet Napolitano's answer to those who oppose the regime of poke and grope that is today's Transportation Safety Agency. America is, after all, a land of choices. When you arrive at the airport, you can allow some complete stranger to irradiate you with a device that allows the operator to see you naked. Or you can allow some friendly security agent to put hands in places where they have no business. Or you can drive.Before you jump out of line and into your car, however, be warned that you can be fined up to $11,000 for changing your mind at the airport. After all, we wouldn't want terrorists with hand grenades walking away from the screening area when they realize that all the rumors about metal detectors and such are true. If you're going to take Secretary Napolitano's advice, be sure that you opt not to fly before you reach the airport.The problem with this "if you can't stand the pat-down, get out of the terminal" attitude lies in its...(Read Full Article)