Immigration: A Modest Proposal

One of the major issue that seems to excite the GOP base is immigration policy and what to do with the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants already here. Politically correct Democrats maintain that there are no illegals, only undocumented workers. Democrats did nothing with the issue when they had complete control of the Congress in late 2009, instead focusing on passing the health care reform bill. Democrats would prefer that Republicans splinter over the issue and drive away Hispanic voters in the process. But Democrats have their own discord on immigration, since two of the party's major constituencies, African-Americans and Hispanics, have different views on the subject -- on the impact of high levels of immigration (legal or illegal) on wage rates and job prospects for members of these groups.On the Republican side, tensions are out in the open. Anger over the flouting of the rule of law and utter revulsion at the prospect of rewarding those who cut in line are deep and...(Read Full Article)