Finding a Church

Along with thousands of others, I have followed with great interest and fascination the writings of Robin of Berkeley. As a former liberal who turned conservative, Robin's powers of observation, her honesty, the acuteness of her insight, and her wisdom acquired through pain combine to make her work a truly gripping read. Robin is not merely clever and articulate; she is profound. Her insights are made all the deeper by the apparent fact that her political shift involved not only intellectual and emotional considerations, but also -- and perhaps decisively -- a spiritual transformation.One essay is particularly striking. It ran at the end of last year, and in it, Robin described her search for a Christian church. It was a moving and exhilarating experience for a cultural Jew like her. But it was also a bewildering one. I highly recommend that you read her account. You will be hard-pressed to get through it without tears. Even though the piece appeared nearly a year ago, its theme is...(Read Full Article)