Elitists of the Left Still Arrogant, Ignorant, and in Need of Watching

If you had your butt kicked in an athletic contest -- or an election -- you would think it would warrant a long look in the mirror. You might start thinking about what you could have done differently during the past contest, and perhaps you would reflect about your strengths and weaknesses, and those of your opponent.  Back when I wrestled in high school, I had a teammate who was both outstanding on the mat and an exemplary student. I remember that on one rare occasion, he was soundly beaten. I will never forget his bruised-ego comment to me right after the match regarding his victorious opponent: "I bet I have a higher grade point average than him."Similarly, I remember once attending a Northwestern football game back in college. Although I was not a student at Northwestern, I was interested in seeing a Big Ten football game, so I decided to sit on the Northwestern fan side of the field. As the lopsided contest drew to a close and the Northwestern Wildcats faced an...(Read Full Article)