Don't Do It, Sarah

One headline reads, Palin Considering A Run For President In 2012. Another one says, I can beat Obama. The defibrillator paddles haven't even cooled off yet, and the conservative movement has a potential situation that could nullify all the gains it has made over the last eighteen months with this ironic wrinkle. After watching an episode of the much-hyped TV series "Sarah Palin's Alaska," I arrived at two conclusions. First, it convinced me that I'd rather have Rick Steves guide me through Alaska when he decides he's seen enough of Europe. Secondly, it knocked me off the fence as to whether Sarah Palin is up for the task of commander in chief. Don't do it, Sarah. It would destroy any notion conservatives have that they certainly couldn't do any worse than what we currently have.I genuinely liked Palin when she broke on the scene. She proved she had stamina, energy, charisma, and a message that resonated with conservatives. But somewhere along the line, Gov....(Read Full Article)