Clarice's Pieces: Restoring American Stature Abroad

With his characteristic inability to carry his thoughts to a logical conclusion, President Obama seems to have missed that his constant denigration of his own country and apologies for its actions (which, in fact, require none) diminish not just the USA, but its leader, as well. Apparently, he thought such conduct would make him appear greater than us, when, in fact, it only reduces his own power abroad. So the man we were told by his supporters would restore American stature abroad has diminished our standing and his in one stroke. He seems not to understand that in cutting us down to what he thinks is America's appropriate smaller place on the world stage, he has turned himself from a lead role into a supporting actor, or even worse, a bit player.As Obama and his party suffered an historic defeat at the polls, he and the first lady hied off to Asia in an obvious attempt to change the subject. Maybe he did change the subject, but not as he expected. The topic is now how he's run out...(Read Full Article)