Carter's Razor

Occam's razor is the philosophical doctrine that suggests that the best solution to a problem is usually the simplest. But Occam's razor can't always cleanly cut -- to mix metaphors -- every complex Gordian's Knot of America's foreign policy. And when it comes to handling matters in the Korean Peninsula, and particularly regarding the northern half's nutty, well-armed, and dangerous regime, there is no simple solution.  That said, there are things that the United States probably should not do. These can be determined in the case of Korea -- and with regard to many other foreign policy problems -- by using Carter's razor. Named for the failed 39th U.S. president and worst ex-president in the nation's history, Carter's razor rest on the sound assumption that doing the opposite of whatever James Earl Carter prescribes will probably place American foreign policy on the right track, or very close to it. Fans of "Seinfeld" may quickly appreciate the power of "doing the...(Read Full Article)